Saturday, January 17, 2015


Divine Nine stereotypes are as old as the Divine Nine itself (probably not, but it sounded good, didn't it?). These are stereotypes shared by Greeks and non-Greeks alike. Note, in different areas of the country, these stereotypes don't hold water. Remember, these are OPINIONS, not facts.

Let's look at the sororities first:

AKA- They wear pink and green and are known as the stuck-up "pretty girls". They have attitudes that are anything but pretty. Historically, they are lighter skinned and skinny with long hair. They practically worship themselves. In reality, these ladies are not all stuck-up. There are dark-skinned ladies, fat ladies, and nice ladies. But to most, these are the exception to the rule. AKAs have a long history of self-less community service and have raised millions of dollars for charities world-wide.

Deltas- Colors are Crimson and Creme or Red and white. Down to earth, very popular, rough, ride or die. Breakaways from AKA (they broke away to become more active in the greater community whereas AKA was just a social club initially). Deltas are high-energy and very proud of their legacy. They are very vocal about their pride. In other words, they are the loudest and the proudest. Deltas have a long record of civil rights and community service.

Zetas- Blue and White. Big ugly dark-skinned girls who like to eat. Always on the Sigmas jock. Rejects from other sororities. Now, at my Alma Mater, the Zetas were a force to be reckoned with. They were pretty and always had the bomb hairstyles. On a global scale, Zetas partner with several organizations in raising money for various causes.

SGRho- Royal Blue and Gold. Manly women who look homely. Mostly overweight. Often confused for Zetas. The nerds of the bunch. In reality, Sigma Gamma Rhos are very attractive. They are smart and normally have the highest GPAs among the sororities. They are also seen as the most active in the community. SGRhos are very important to the communities they serve.


APhiA- Black and Old Gold. Nerds, undercover brothers, the first. In reality Alphas are intelligent, classy, and are true gentlemen. I never met an Alpha I didn't like.

Kappas- Crimson and Creme. Gay, "pretty boy", wanna-be AKAs. Don't drink the "Nupe Juice" lol! In reality, Kappas are business oriented and they do a lot for the community.

Ques- Purple and Gold. Nasty Dawgs who don't graduate college. Worst hazing. Most imitated. You never know if a Que is recognized by their Nationals. In reality, Omega men are well-rounded and uphold high standards of manhood.

Sigmas- Country boys that wear blue and white. Imitates Omegas. Have lowest GPAs. Mad because they are ugly. In reality, I've met some outstanding, sophisticated and handsome Sigmas.

Iotas- Brown and Gold. Seen as rejects, last in line, least respected. In reality, the Iotas at my Alma Mater ran the yard. They were the best steppers and were the most active in the community.

Bottom line: You can't judge an organization by it's stereotype. There is every type of person in every type of org. You have to get to know them before you make assumptions. Look at their contributions to society and make your decision based on that.


malcolmsmom said...

Really. Complimentary statements about each group at the end except one, "there are dark skinned ladies, fat ladies and nice ladies. But to most, these are the exception and not the rule." So much for dispelling myths...

Her Highness said...

I didn't even notice that I didn't "compliment" the AKAs. I was trying to remain fair. Thanks for pointing this out.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, these stereotypes persist. I'm a mixed race brother, A Phi A from the 80s and see this stuff today. My wife is white and our daughter is fair with "good hair". She is a freshman at Duke and pledged AKA because "they made me feel welcome". For reference, our daughter was interested in Delta but didn't feel welcome.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Iota fall 02 Grambling State and your statement describes us to the I